Total Prize Money Earned:
$5,521,433.06 From 2,055 Tournaments
World Ranking:

There have been 1,290 Italian esports players that have been awarded a total of $5,521,433.06 USD in prize money across 2,055 tournaments. The highest awarding game was StarCraft II with $581,382.76 USD won, making up 10.53% of all earnings by Italian players. Riccardo "Reynor" Romiti is the highest earning Italian player with $540,267.91 USD in prize money won overall, all of which was won from playing in StarCraft II tournaments.

Top Games

 Game NameTotal (Game)
1.StarCraft II$581,382.76
3.Magic: The Gathering Arena$378,325.00
5.Call of Duty: Warzone$252,717.11
6.Rocket League$237,169.64
8.League of Legends$150,573.76
9.World of WarCraft$145,387.44
10.Quake Champions$137,297.47
11.FIFA 21$134,794.91
12.F1 2019$133,333.32
13.rFactor 2$127,644.57
14.F1 2021$126,250.00
15.Pro Evolution Soccer 2017$120,000.00
16.Rainbow Six Siege$114,073.85
17.Pro Evolution Soccer 2018$108,000.00
18.Brawl Stars$107,916.67
19.FIFA 20$99,178.90
20.Assetto Corsa Competizione$70,298.17
21.Apex Legends$69,941.14
22.F1 2020$68,750.00
23.Clash Royale$65,290.25
24.FIFA 22$61,000.00
25.Assetto Corsa$56,937.33

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)
1.Italy ReynorRiccardo Romiti$540,267.91
2.Italy Andrea MengucciAndrea Mengucci$332,300.00
3.Italy stermyAlessandro Avallone$238,642.15
4.Italy Ettorito97Ettore Giannuzzi$212,882.05
5.Italy Kuxir97Francesco Cinquemani$145,904.87
6.Italy FabssFabio Nardelli$145,387.44
7.Italy Enzo BonitoEnzo Bonito$126,697.32
8.Italy BladeNicolò Maggi$126,191.67
9.Italy David TonizzaDavid Tonizza$114,680.83
10.Italy vengeurRMarco Ragusa$97,797.47
11.Italy LetaSimone Liguori$80,732.00
12.Italy PrinsipeDaniele Paolucci$80,385.00
13.Italy Pow3rGiorgio Calandrelli$78,559.42
14.Italy carnifexEdoardo Badolato$72,924.20
15.Italy Er_CacciaRaffaele Cacciapuoti$67,558.64
16.Italy Crazy Fat GamerDiego Campagnani$64,479.00
17.Italy Daniele HaddadDaniele Haddad$61,957.83
18.Italy TurnaMarco Castiglioni$56,199.97
19.Italy Keef- -$55,000.00
20.Italy JiizukéDaniele di Mauro$53,671.26
21.Italy AyarBaffo- -$53,400.00
22.Italy BoomsVincenzo D'Aurelio$49,200.00
23.Italy MoseLuciano Calvanico$42,313.33
24.Italy ArjuArio Berdin$41,326.02
25.Italy ForresTNicola Geretti$40,630.00

Top Tournament Results

1.Mythic Invitational 2019$262,500.00Magic: The Gathering Arena2 Players
2.F1 Esports Pro Series 2019$133,333.32F1 20195 Players
3.F1 Esports Series 2021$126,250.00F1 20215 Players
4.CPL World Tour Finals 2005$118,300.00Painkiller4 Players
5.World Series Of Warzone (Season 2) - EU SoloYolo$100,000.00Call of Duty: Warzone1 Player
5.PES 2017 World Finals$100,000.00Pro Evolution Soccer 20171 Player
7.WCS 2019 Global Finals$96,000.00StarCraft II1 Player
8.Brawl Stars World Finals 2021$83,333.34Brawl Stars4 Players
9.IEM Season XVI - Katowice (SC2)$76,000.00StarCraft II1 Player
10.Six Invitational 2021$75,000.00Rainbow Six Siege5 Players
11.2017 Las Vegas eRace$72,500.00rFactor 22 Players
12.PES 2018 World Finals (3v3)$72,000.00Pro Evolution Soccer 20182 Players
13.F1 Esports Pro Series 2020$68,750.00F1 20203 Players
14.IEM Season XV - World Championship (SC2)$65,400.00StarCraft II1 Player
15.FIFA eChampions League 2021$65,000.00FIFA 212 Players
16.Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 - Creative$62,500.00Fortnite1 Player
17.World Series Of Warzone (Season 2) - EU Trios$54,833.33Call of Duty: Warzone5 Players
18.FNCS: Chapter 2 Season 3 - Grand Finals: Europe$48,500.00Fortnite3 Players
19.Clash Royale League 2022 World Finals$40,000.00Clash Royale1 Player
19.2018 Magic Online Championship$40,000.00Magic: The Gathering Online1 Player
19.Arena World Championship 2016$40,000.00World of WarCraft1 Player
22.Twitch Rivals: Hyper Scape Launch Showdown - EU$37,899.99Hyper Scape9 Players
23.Quake World Championship 2017: Sacrifice Tournament$37,500.00Quake Champions1 Player
24.PES 2018 World Finals (1v1)$36,000.00Pro Evolution Soccer 20181 Player
25.Masters Tour 2020 Montreal$34,000.00Hearthstone5 Players