United States

United States

Total Prize Money Earned:
$223,201,198.89 From 18,527 Tournaments
World Ranking:

There have been 23,557 American esports players that have been awarded a total of $223,201,198.89 USD in prize money across 18,527 tournaments. The highest awarding game was Fortnite with $43,637,437.05 USD won, making up 19.55% of all earnings by American players. Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf is the highest earning American player with $3,499,461.72 USD in prize money won overall, with $3,486,795.05 USD or 99.64% won from playing in Fortnite tournaments.

Top Games

 Game NameTotal (Game)
2.Dota 2$16,195,028.27
3.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$13,502,647.88
4.Rocket League$8,577,328.04
5.Rainbow Six Siege$6,385,066.79
6.Call of Duty: Warzone$6,169,626.52
7.Apex Legends$6,058,836.99
8.Halo 5: Guardians$5,492,812.22
10.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare$4,997,850.00
11.Call of Duty: Vanguard$4,769,499.95
12.Call of Duty: Black Ops 4$4,752,234.52
13.League of Legends$4,414,168.27
14.Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War$3,910,791.63
18.Call of Duty: WWII$3,252,020.35
20.Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare$2,706,125.00
21.Super Smash Bros. Melee$2,705,284.25
22.Heroes of the Storm$2,550,261.44
23.Halo Infinite$2,352,535.00
24.Call of Duty: Black Ops III$2,262,784.62
25.World of WarCraft$2,249,154.15

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)
1.United States BughaKyle Giersdorf$3,499,461.72
2.United States UNiVeRsESaahil Arora$3,057,237.67
3.United States ppdPeter Dager$3,029,331.36
4.United States FearClinton Loomis$2,564,313.19
5.United States SneykingJing Jun Wu$2,260,243.02
6.United States psalmHarrison Chang$1,959,500.00
7.United States EpikWhaleShane Cotton$1,707,708.99
8.United States C6Ian Porter$1,417,092.80
9.United States ArcitysAlec Sanderson$1,392,179.09
10.United States aBeZyTyler Pharris$1,382,405.68
11.United States SimpChristopher Lehr$1,343,078.33
12.United States KreoNate Kou$1,239,359.74
13.United States ClaysterJames Eubanks$1,207,396.68
14.United States SafRocco Morales$1,206,237.02
15.United States Stewie2kJakey Yip$1,188,223.20
16.United States ScumpSeth Abner$1,186,505.35
17.United States CeiceDavis McClellan$1,171,565.47
18.United States ELiGEJonathan Jablonowski$1,134,429.62
19.United States CelliumMcArthur Jovel$1,127,048.93
20.United States FormaLMatthew Piper$1,070,182.18
21.United States nitr0Nicholas Cannella$1,069,874.93
22.United States ElevateHayden Krueger$994,373.20
23.United States ShotzzyAnthony Cuevas-Castro$873,650.00
24.United States MooDavid Hull$861,763.53
25.United States KennyKenneth Williams$821,728.33

Top Tournament Results

1.Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 - Solo$9,287,500.00Fortnite36 Players
2.Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 - Duo$5,250,000.00Fortnite33 Players
3.The International 2015$4,069,258.56Dota 25 Players
4.Call of Duty League Championship 2020$3,250,000.00Call of Duty: Modern Warfare34 Players
5.Call of Duty League 2022 - Championship$2,260,000.00Call of Duty: Vanguard20 Players
6.The International 2016$2,118,586.80Dota 26 Players
7.Halo World Championship 2016$1,937,500.00Halo 5: Guardians30 Players
8.PGI.S 2021 Main Event$1,909,098.65PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS14 Players
9.The International 2022$1,722,655.60Dota 23 Players
10.Call of Duty League Championship 2021$1,718,750.00Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War24 Players
11.Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series - Clubs Standings$1,710,000.00Fortnite211 Players
12.Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series - Week 6 - Grand Finals$1,638,750.00Fortnite67 Players
13.CWL Championship 2019$1,539,000.00Call of Duty: Black Ops 499 Players
14.Smite World Championship 2015$1,462,865.60SMITE7 Players
15.Call of Duty XP Championship 2016$1,341,250.00Call of Duty: Black Ops III56 Players
16.Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series - Week 8$1,332,500.00Fortnite79 Players
17.CWL Championship 2018$1,246,250.00Call of Duty: WWII67 Players
18.Six Invitational 2020$1,176,000.00Rainbow Six Siege16 Players
19.Six Invitational 2022$1,157,000.00Rainbow Six Siege21 Players
20.CWL Championship 2017$1,110,000.00Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare63 Players
21.Ultimate Madden Bowl 22$1,000,000.00Madden NFL 2214 Players
22.CWL Pro League Finals 2019$999,600.00Call of Duty: Black Ops 432 Players
23.Call of Duty Championship 2015$943,750.00Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare27 Players
24.Halo World Championship 2022$933,750.00Halo Infinite49 Players
25.Halo World Championship 2018$900,000.00Halo 5: Guardians34 Players