THOR Open 2012

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2012-12-08 to 2012-12-09

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Sweden Sweden$32,033.5725 Players
2.Spain Spain$17,064.592 Players
3.Finland Finland$8,083.247 Players
4.Denmark Denmark$5,987.596 Players
5.Germany Germany$5,688.204 Players
6.Norway Norway$4,490.681 Player
7.Israel Israel$2,993.791 Player
8.Poland Poland$2,993.791 Player
9.France France$2,095.651 Player
10.Canada Canada$598.761 Player
11.Netherlands Netherlands$299.381 Player


THOR Open 2012 (Battlefield 3)0 SEK$0.00Battlefield 3 
THOR Open 2012 (CS:GO)130,000 SEK$19,459.62Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
THOR Open 2012 (Dota 2)130,000 SEK$19,459.62Dota 2 
THOR Open 2012 (FIFA 13)20,000 SEK$2,993.79FIFA 13 
THOR Open 2012 (LoL)100,000 SEK$14,968.94League of Legends 
THOR Open 2012 (Starcraft II)150,000 SEK$22,453.41StarCraft II 
THOR Open 2012 (SSFIV:AE)20,000 SEK$2,993.79Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition