ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2017

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2017-04-03 to 2017-05-06

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Germany Germany$35,907.4266 Players
2.Netherlands Netherlands$5,279.962 Players
3.Austria Austria$5,257.965 Players
4.Serbia Serbia$1,759.981 Player
5.Switzerland Switzerland$1,232.004 Players
6.Denmark Denmark$1,187.982 Players
7.Norway Norway$1,187.982 Players
8.Poland Poland$942.333 Players
9.Greece Greece$593.991 Player
10.Sweden Sweden$176.001 Player
11.Turkey Turkey$176.001 Player
12.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$88.001 Player


ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2017 (LoL)€27,300.00$30,029.73League of Legends 
ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2017 (CS:GO)€17,300.00$19,029.82Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2017 (FIFA 17)€4,300.00$4,729.97FIFA 17