Brawlhalla World Championship 2017

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:

Online Tournament Registration is now closed.

On-site 1v1 Registration is open until Friday at 7PM

The Brawlhalla World Championship is the exciting conclusion to our nearly year-long competitive season! Players from around the world have been competing in dozens of officially sanctioned Brawlhalla Circuit tournaments all year long, earning points to secure invites into the final bracket of the World Championship tournaments.

Introducing: Waterfall Brackets!

Anyone who registers will compete in the World Championship tournaments! The Waterfall bracket setup ensures that all registered players fight at least 7 matches in a tournament - and many more in most cases. Players are seeded into round-robin placement pools, can be placed into different divisions based on those results, and can work their way up the divisions by performing well.

There's a lot more to expect at BCX this year than the World Championship. In addition to the best Brawlhalla competition you've ever seen, there will be:

  • 2v1 Combo Contest!
  • New Metadev Skin!
  • Developers in-person you can talk to!
  • Dev talk panels!
  • New merchandise!
  • Revenge tournament to compete in if you get knocked out of the main tournament!
  • Tournament brackets organized by world-renowned FGC Tournament Organizer and inspirational leader Alex Jebailey!
  • Updated bracket progression graphics visible in the venue at all times!


(schedule is subject to change)

You can view the schedule graphic here.

Side Tournament registration opens at noon Friday/Saturday and extends until 15 minutes before the side tournament begins, it can be done on site in-person or via on mobile. Side Tournaments are intended for players who got eliminated from Placement Pools, Division 3, or Division 2 and will feature merchandise as prizes.

  • Friday - 2v2 Waterfall -> Top 16 -> Top 8, Special Events
  • Saturday - 1v1 Waterfall -> 1v1 Play-offs -> Top 32
  • Sunday - 1v1 Top 32 -> Top 8, 2v2 Top 8, 1v1 Top 8

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United States United States$65,900.0022 Players
2.Finland Finland$11,750.002 Players
3.Sweden Sweden$9,250.007 Players
4.Canada Canada$4,125.005 Players
5.United Kingdom United Kingdom$3,975.002 Players
6.Russian Federation Russian Federation$2,600.001 Player
7.Norway Norway$1,750.001 Player
8.Australia Australia$500.001 Player
9.Singapore Singapore$500.001 Player
10.Brazil Brazil$250.001 Player


Brawlhalla World Championship 2017 - 1v1-$50,000.00Brawlhalla 
Brawlhalla World Championship 2017 - 2v2-$50,000.00Brawlhalla 
Brawlhalla World Championship 2017 - Crew Battle-$500.00Brawlhalla 
Brawlhalla World Championship 2017 - Showmatch-$100.00Brawlhalla