European Masters Summer 2018

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2018-09-17 to 2018-09-30

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Poland Poland$22,337.2813 Players
2.Slovenia Slovenia$20,475.843 Players
3.Spain Spain$19,680.854 Players
4.Sweden Sweden$17,218.325 Players
5.Germany Germany$16,636.626 Players
6.Denmark Denmark$15,240.546 Players
7.Greece Greece$10,063.415 Players
8.France France$8,027.465 Players
9.Italy Italy$6,166.024 Players
10.Finland Finland$5,817.001 Player
11.United Kingdom United Kingdom$5,467.985 Players
12.Croatia Croatia$5,235.302 Players
13.Serbia Serbia$5,235.302 Players
14.Netherlands Netherlands$4,653.605 Players
15.Lithuania Lithuania$3,722.884 Players
16.Romania Romania$2,617.651 Player
17.Czech Republic Czech Republic$1,939.004 Players
18.Portugal Portugal$1,939.004 Players
19.Ukraine Ukraine$969.502 Players
20.Norway Norway$581.701 Player
21.Slovakia Slovakia$484.751 Player


European Masters Summer 2018€150,000.00$174,510.00League of Legends