Hidden Cup 4

Hidden Cup 4

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2021-02-15 to 2021-03-07

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Canada Canada$17,090.002 Players
2.Germany Germany$11,990.002 Players
3.China China$10,680.005 Players
4.Norway Norway$10,360.002 Players
5.Viet Nam Viet Nam$9,180.005 Players
6.Austria Austria$4,510.001 Player
7.Serbia Serbia$4,390.001 Player
8.Brazil Brazil$3,740.004 Players
9.Spain Spain$3,740.002 Players
10.Finland Finland$3,690.003 Players
11.Russian Federation Russian Federation$3,590.002 Players
12.Argentina Argentina$3,540.002 Players
13.Poland Poland$3,390.001 Player
14.United States United States$350.001 Player
15.Peru Peru$200.001 Player
16.Belgium Belgium$100.001 Player
17.Estonia Estonia$100.001 Player
18.France France$100.001 Player
19.India India$100.001 Player
20.Italy Italy$100.001 Player
21.Ukraine Ukraine$100.001 Player


Hidden Cup 4 Main Event-$87,240.00Age of Empires II 
Hidden Cup 4 Showmatch - Babur vs Kushluk-$200.00Age of Empires II 
Hidden Cup 4 Showmatch - Lancelot vs Sigfried-$200.00Age of Empires II 
Hidden Cup 4 Qualifier-$3,200.00Age of Empires II 
HC4 Promo Liereyy vs MbL Bo5 Showmatch-$200.00Age of Empires II