DPC 2021: NA Season 1

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2021-01-19 to 2021-02-28

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.United States United States$149,097.6443 Players
2.Canada Canada$50,380.9616 Players
3.Philippines Philippines$10,600.002 Players
4.Israel Israel$7,571.432 Players
5.Denmark Denmark$6,000.001 Player
6.Singapore Singapore$6,000.001 Player
7.Brazil Brazil$5,600.001 Player
8.Pakistan Pakistan$5,600.001 Player
9.Czech Republic Czech Republic$5,400.001 Player
10.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$5,400.001 Player
11.Peru Peru$5,400.001 Player
12.China China$5,250.002 Players
13.Germany Germany$4,600.001 Player
14.Uruguay Uruguay$4,600.001 Player
15.Russian Federation Russian Federation$3,000.002 Players
16.Albania Albania$2,750.001 Player
17.Malaysia Malaysia$2,750.001 Player


DPC 2021: Season 1 - NA Lower Division-$75,000.00Dota 2 
DPC 2021: Season 1 - NA Upper Division-$205,000.00Dota 2