Highest Total Prizes Awarded
Dota 2 
1534 Tournaments
Denmark N0tail$6,972,091.58
Finland JerAx$6,470,000.02
Australia ana$6,004,411.96
France Ceb$5,573,712.41
Finland Topson$5,490,317.57

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$1,024,368,536.75 USD
in prize money recorded


Recent Player Earnings

1.China 1daoZhong, Letian$649,152.00
2.China fanfanFan, Yang$649,152.00
3.China FlyPeng, Yunfei$649,152.00
4.China XiangYuYouqi, Cai$649,152.00
5.China XiaoPangLi, Daheng$649,152.00
6.United States aBeZyTyler Pharris$300,000.00
7.United States ArcitysAlec Sanderson$300,000.00
8.United States CelliumMcArthur Jovel$300,000.00
9.United States SimpChristopher Lehr$300,000.00
10.China AGaiTingpu, Yang$247,296.00
11.China BaiShouQingyou, Fang$247,296.00
12.China MengLanJunlan, Peng$247,296.00
13.China PengPJiapeng, Lu$247,296.00
14.China QingFZhou, Du$247,296.00
15.Ukraine B1tValeriy Vakhovskiy$239,000.00
16.Russian Federation Boombl4Kirill Mikhailov$239,000.00
17.Russian Federation electroNicDenis Sharipov$239,000.00
18.Russian Federation PerfectoIlya Zalutskiy$239,000.00
19.Ukraine s1mpleAlexander Kostylev$239,000.00
20.United Kingdom BanceBen Bance$162,500.00
21.United Kingdom CammyCameron McKilligan$162,500.00
22.Denmark CleanXTobias Jønsson$162,500.00
23.United Kingdom InsightJamie Craven$162,500.00
24.China Buran-, -$139,104.00
25.China DragonLi, Xiaolong$139,104.00
26.China HuaHaiLuo, Siyuan$139,104.00
27.China JinYuXu, Xiangyu$139,104.00
28.China NinetailsXu, Xinjuan$139,104.00
29.China qcZhou, Yitao$139,104.00
30.China QingQWu, Jinxiang$139,104.00
31.China WumingZhang, Cong$139,104.00
32.China WuXinLin, Long$139,104.00
33.China ZimoWu, Zhejie$139,104.00
34.United States C6Ian Porter$75,000.00
35.Canada iLLeYIndervir Dhaliwal$75,000.00
36.United States ShotzzyAnthony Cuevas-Castro$75,000.00
37.United States VividReece Drost$75,000.00
38.China AzeLi, Tao$61,824.00
39.China Cbuqi-, -$61,824.00
40.China ChenfengFan, Shou Qian$61,824.00
41.China ChuchenTao, Chuankai$61,824.00
42.China Djie-, -$61,824.00
43.China HuaChen-, -$61,824.00
44.China Huayun-, -$61,824.00
45.China IceTang, Tian$61,824.00
46.China JiuLongKang, Junlong$61,824.00
47.China MfLi, Jiahao$61,824.00
48.China MsirJiang, Boyuan$61,824.00
49.China QFXia, Jinfei$61,824.00
50.China XiaoYe-, -$61,824.00

Recent Tournaments

2021-09-18Diabotical Birthday Series: EU Race$830.00Diabotical 
2021-09-18Diabotical Birthday Series: NA #1$675.00Diabotical 
2021-09-16Elite Series Season 1: Summer Split$7,060.87Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-15Aorus League 2021 Season 3$5,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-123v3 Summer Battle$483.00Age of Empires II 
2021-09-12eggwp NA Weekly Series #2$50.00Diabotical 
2021-09-12eggwp Weekly Series #28$59.07Diabotical 
2021-09-12ESL Pro League Season 14$750,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-12Exiled Heroes$1,430.00Age of Empires II 
2021-09-12Fragadelphia 15$60,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-12Intel Grand Slam Season 3$1,000,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-12Just Chilling$237.10Trackmania (2020) 
2021-09-12Summer Games 2021 Open Bracket$300.00Blaston 
2021-09-12Summer Games 2021 Premiere Bracket$1,250.00Blaston 
2021-09-12The Anubis Cup$250.00Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
2021-09-11Diabotical Birthday Series: Europe #1$675.00Diabotical 
2021-09-11Rusaoc Cup 66$76.00Age of Empires II 
2021-09-11Serious Camp$23.72Trackmania (2020) 
2021-09-11Zrt Cup Retro 5$53.32Trackmania (2020) 
2021-09-10King of Nomad: Yo vs PROject_Belgium Showmatch$100.00Age of Empires II 
2021-09-10Komplett Back to Gaming Norway$11,528.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-10OGA Dota PIT Invitational$275,000.00Dota 2 
2021-09-09Clown Legion League$250.00Age of Empires II 
2021-09-09WCBC Weekly #12$235.30Rocket League 
2021-09-08Pinnacle Fall Series #1$84,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-07LVP - Rising Series #3$5,911.20VALORANT 
2021-09-05Bad Things Happening to Good People (RoA)$300.00Rivals of Aether 
2021-09-05Bad Things Happening to Good People (SSBU)$500.00Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
2021-09-05eggwp NA Weekly Series #1$50.00Diabotical 
2021-09-05eggwp Weekly Series #27$59.41Diabotical 
2021-09-05Empire Wars Duo 2$20,000.00Age of Empires II 
2021-09-05European Development Championship Season 5$30,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-05FNCS Chapter 2 Season 7 Asia Grand Finals$150,000.00Fortnite 
2021-09-05Gamers Club Liga Feminina: 3nd Edition 2021$1,059.38Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-05Gearup Trackmania Cup - Bretzel Edition$592.78Trackmania (2020) 
2021-09-05GSA League 2021$47,299.00Rainbow Six Siege 
2021-09-05Komplett Back to Gaming Sweden$4,086.25Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-05Trackmania American Open$286.20Trackmania (2020) 
2021-09-05Turbo Cup$776.54Trackmania (2020) 
2021-09-04CBCS Retake Series Season 2$4,235.44Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-04EkinArena Trackmania Cup$592.78Trackmania (2020) 
2021-09-04Golden Egg Cup #2$103.05Diabotical 
2021-09-04Heartbeat (Doubles)$170.00Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
2021-09-04Heartbeat (Singles)$1,000.00Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
2021-09-04Icelandic Esports League Season 5 Finals$2,370.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-04Moscow Cybersport 4: Qualification 3$69.00Age of Empires II 
2021-09-04Saudi Esports Federation Cup Season 1$759,476.16Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-09-04Time Trials League: Season 2$250.00Diabotical 
2021-09-04ZS x RJZ #8$292.00Xonotic 
2021-09-02LPL Summer 2021$650,328.00League of Legends 
2021-09-01Exiled Heroes Showmatch - ACCM vs Yo$446.00Age of Empires II 
2021-08-31ESL Open Cup #86 Europe$800.00StarCraft II 
2021-08-31Kacky Reloaded 2$882.79Trackmania (2020) 
2021-08-30DreamHack Beyond Three-Headed Dragon Challenge Asia-Pacific$10,000.00Hearthstone 
2021-08-30ESL Open Cup #86 Americas$800.00StarCraft II 
2021-08-30Gamers Club Liga Série A: August 2021$1,253.79Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-08-30Hera vs JorDan Bo7 Showmatch$500.00Age of Empires II 
2021-08-30HKC Summer Split$117.69Trackmania (2020) 
2021-08-30WCBC Weekly #11$288.20Rocket League 
2021-08-30Yamei Pro Series$9,975.00Dota 2 
2021-08-30ZapZone Tournament #5 Finale$1,000.00Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
2021-08-299 Lives Competition - Finals$100.00Trackmania (2020) 
2021-08-29Alpha Pro League 2021 - Playoffs$5,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-08-29eggwp Weekly Series #26$58.98Diabotical 
2021-08-29ESL One Fall 2021$400,000.00Dota 2 
2021-08-29ESL Open Cup #86 Korea$800.00StarCraft II 
2021-08-29Game Pass Challenge 2021$35,305.72Multigaming 
2021-08-29Grrrls League 2021: Split #2$23,146.80Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-08-29LCS 2021 Summer$200,000.00League of Legends 
2021-08-29LEC Summer 2021$235,246.01League of Legends 
2021-08-29Masters Tour 2021 Silvermoon$250,000.00Hearthstone 
2021-08-29MrPlanner vs Survivalist Bo7 Showmatch$100.00Age of Empires II 
2021-08-29North America - Summer Championship 2021 - 1v1$12,500.00Brawlhalla 
2021-08-29North America - Summer Championship 2021 - 2v2$12,500.00Brawlhalla 
2021-08-29ROPL Stars 2021 - Playoffs$3,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-08-29Smash Ultimate Summit 3 (Singles)$156,904.16Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
2021-08-29SWT 2021 Central America Regional Finals (Melee)$5,000.00Super Smash Bros. Melee 
2021-08-29Taraaf Rounds$58.84Trackmania (2020) 
2021-08-29Wakko Arena Cup$330.00Age of Empires II 
2021-08-29WePlay Academy League Season 1$100,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-08-29WWP Cup$15,438.00Age of Empires II 
2021-08-28Back in Blood$3,177.76Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
2021-08-28Chilled Cup$176.53Trackmania (2020) 
2021-08-28Honor of Kings World Champion Cup 2021$7,728,000.00Arena of Valor 
2021-08-28LCK Summer 2021$318,750.00League of Legends 
2021-08-28MESA Pro Series Finals 2021$7,000.00Dota 2 
2021-08-28Nordic Championship 2021 - Finals$35,634.90Rainbow Six Siege 
2021-08-28Opus Cup$235.37Trackmania (2020) 
2021-08-28PS4 Open Series Weekly Qualifier #8$100.00Auto Chess 
2021-08-28Rusaoc Cup 65$73.00Age of Empires II 
2021-08-26IronWar Grand Prix 2021$30,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-08-26Malta Vibes Knockout Series #1$50,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-08-25European Nations Cup 2021$5,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-08-25Funspark ULTI 2021: Asian Playoffs #1$25,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
2021-08-25Lunch Box #14$1,000.00Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
2021-08-24Twitch Rivals - Rocket League Showdown 3: Europe$25,000.00Rocket League 
2021-08-23ESL Open Cup #85 Americas$800.00StarCraft II 
2021-08-23ESL Open Cup #85 Europe$800.00StarCraft II 
2021-08-22BTS Pro Series Season 7: Americas$50,000.00Dota 2 
2021-08-22Call of Duty League Championship 2021$2,500,000.00Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War