Lauri "Cyanide" Happonen - League of Legends Player

Lauri Happonen
Date of Birth:
November 15, 1994
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$114,235.43 From 41 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
Cyanide, CyanideFI, Fnatic Cyanide, FNC Cyanide

Results by Team

$113,861.65 From 36 Tournaments
99.67% of Total Prize Money Earned

2014-10-1912th-13thTeam-based Tournament » LoL 2014 World Championship-$7,000.00League of Legends
2014-08-162ndTeam-based Tournament » Riot EU LCS Season 4 Summer Playoffs-$5,000.00League of Legends
2014-04-171stTeam-based Tournament » EU LCS Season 4 Spring Playoffs-$10,000.00League of Legends
2014-03-162ndTeam-based Tournament » IEM VIII - World Championship (LoL)-$6,000.00League of Legends
2013-11-242ndTeam-based Tournament » IEM VIII - Cologne (LoL Pro)-$1,500.00League of Legends
2013-10-043rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » LoL Season 3 World Championship-$30,000.00League of Legends
2013-08-251stTeam-based Tournament » EU LCS Season 3 Summer Playoffs-$10,000.00League of Legends
2013-04-281stTeam-based Tournament » EU LCS Season 3 Spring Playoffs-$10,000.00League of Legends
2013-03-099th-10thTeam-based Tournament » IEM VII - World Championship (LoL)-$1,140.00League of Legends
2013-01-203rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » IEM VII - Katowice (LoL)-$900.00League of Legends
2012-12-162ndTeam-based Tournament » IEM VII - Cologne (LoL)-$1,700.00League of Legends
2012-12-091stTeam-based Tournament » THOR Open 2012 (LoL)14,000 SEK$2,095.65League of Legends
2012-12-022ndTeam-based Tournament » IGN Pro League Season 5 (LoL)-$4,000.00League of Legends
2012-11-231stTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Winter 2012 (LoL)25,000 SEK$3,770.36League of Legends
2012-11-191stTeam-based Tournament RaidCall Dominance 1-$200.00League of Legends
2012-10-021stTeam-based Tournament » EMS Season X (LoL)€500.00$648.89League of Legends
2012-09-26WINTeam-based Tournament » All or Nothing #6€200.00$257.04League of Legends
2012-09-221stTeam-based Tournament Fight for Pride Promo-$200.00League of Legends
2012-09-162ndTeam-based Tournament » 4PL Play4Fame August 2012 - Monthly Finals (Corsair V.)€60.00$77.21League of Legends
2012-08-251stTeam-based Tournament » Campus Party: Europe in Berlin (LoL)-$2,000.00League of Legends
2012-08-194thTeam-based Tournament » Season 2 Regional Finals - Colonge-$3,000.00League of Legends
2012-08-033rdTeam-based Tournament » IGN ProLeague Elites EU-$60.00League of Legends
2012-07-281stTeam-based Tournament » Cdiscount Cup 4€150.00$184.36League of Legends
2012-07-141stTeam-based Tournament » 4PL Play4Fame July 2012 - Monthly Finals (Corsair Vengeance)€200.00$245.81League of Legends
2012-06-25WINTeam-based Tournament » In2LOL King Of The Hill Week 1€100.00$125.45League of Legends
2012-06-21WINTeam-based Tournament » All or Nothing #4€200.00$251.72League of Legends
2012-06-184thTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Summer 2012 (LoL)-$560.00League of Legends
2012-05-195th-8thTeam-based Tournament » OGN Champions Spring 2012₩900,000$767.39League of Legends
2012-03-109th-10thTeam-based Tournament » IEM VI - World Championship (LoL)-$420.00League of Legends
2011-10-161stTeam-based Tournament » IEM VI - New York (LoL)-$2,400.00League of Legends
2011-08-213rdTeam-based Tournament » IEM VI - Cologne (LoL)-$680.00League of Legends
2011-08-14WINTeam-based Tournament » Go4LoL EUW #50€20.00$28.67League of Legends
2011-06-201stTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Summer 2011 (LoL - World Championship)-$8,333.33League of Legends
2011-05-23WINTeam-based Tournament » Go4LoL EU April 2011€100.00$143.14League of Legends
2011-04-21WINTeam-based Tournament » Go4LoL EU March 2011€100.00$144.59League of Legends
2011-03-20WINTeam-based Tournament » Go4LoL EU #29€20.00$28.04League of Legends

$28.04 From 1 Tournament
0.02% of Total Prize Money Earned

2011-03-06WINTeam-based Tournament » Go4LoL EU #27€20.00$28.04League of Legends

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$345.74 From 4 Tournaments
0.30% of Total Prize Money Earned

2011-01-23WINTeam-based Tournament » Go4LoL EU #21€20.00$26.73League of Legends
2011-01-09WINTeam-based Tournament » Go4LoL EU #19€20.00$26.73League of Legends
2010-12-162ndTeam-based Tournament » EMS Season VII (LoL)€200.00$264.47League of Legends
2010-10-31WINTeam-based Tournament » Go4LoL EU #9€20.00$27.81League of Legends


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