Yezre'el "Yez" Askew - Smash Player

Yezre'el Askew
Date of Birth:
United States
United States
World Ranking:
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$7,115.59 From 41 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Game

$7,115.59 From 41 Tournaments
100.00% of Total Prize Money Earned

2021-11-0713th-16thSWT 2021 NA East Regional Finals (Ultimate)-$100.00
2021-05-305th-6thZapZone Tournament #4-$25.00
2021-05-293rdPandemic Anniversary Series: Finale!-$150.00
2021-05-157th-8thThe Airlock Charity Smash Tourney-$200.00
2021-05-012nd» Get Clipped #13-$100.00
2021-04-284th» Lunchbox+-$150.00
2021-04-245th-6thCollision Online 2021-$25.00
2021-04-229th-12thProving Grounds Invitational-$75.00
2021-04-162nd» Get Clipped #12-$100.00
2021-04-101stWaluigi's Smash Down #1-$150.00
2021-04-092ndGalaxy Gambit x Collision #15-$30.00
2021-04-031stFlow State-$275.00
2021-03-132ndStarlight’s Smash Bash!-$125.00
2021-02-287th-8thCure Rare Disease Charity Invitational-$25.00
2021-02-263rdCaptain's Quarters 6-$70.00
2021-02-212ndMazer Gaming Gives Back 2-$200.00
2021-02-143rd» Get Clipped #9-$75.00
2021-02-137th-8thThe Airlock-$200.00
2021-01-315th-8th» Smash Bowl MMXXI - Final Stage-$500.00
2021-01-242nd» Smash Bowl MMXXI - Stage 2 Group B4-$1,000.00
2021-01-237th-8thGet Clipped #8-$12.50
2021-01-234thSmash the Router 4-$50.00
2021-01-161stSmashcade Online #17-$125.00
2021-01-095th-6th» Get Clipped #7-$25.00
2020-12-235th-6th» The Box: Lunch Box #7-$50.00
2020-12-131st» Smash Bowl MMXXI - Stage 1 Group A7-$1,250.00
2020-11-251st» The Box: Lunch Box #6-$400.00
2020-11-085th-6th» Frame Perfect Series 3: ONLINE (SSBU)-$35.29
2020-10-315th-6thSmash Out Breast Cancer-$25.00
2020-10-285th-6th» The Box: L4st's Box-$50.00
2020-09-275th-6thUS ARMY ESPORTS TOURNAMENT (SSBU)-$250.00
2020-09-053rdM-Kolosseum #2-$75.00
2020-08-025th-6thSuper Smash Galaxy-$15.00
2020-07-262ndSmash the Router 3-$250.00
2020-06-265th-6thUltimate Naifu Wars #13-$20.00
2020-06-214thTimes Union Esports Tournament (SSBU)-$240.00
2020-06-194thCaptain's Quarters 2-$30.00
2020-05-157th-8thUltimate Naifu Wars #11-$10.00
2020-05-107th-8th» The Box-$200.00
2020-04-114thWiFi is SS-Tier!-$52.50
2019-07-062ndLGS3 (SSBU Singles)-$375.30


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