Incredible Miracle

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,313,134.67 From 166 Tournaments

Top Players For Incredible Miracle

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of MvpJung, Jong Hyun$404,344.84$409,621.1598.71%
2.Korea, Republic of NesTeaLim, Jae Duk$280,825.07$288,225.0797.43%
3.Korea, Republic of FirstKang, Hyun Woo$65,059.50$89,725.4072.51%
4.Korea, Republic of SeedSang Won, Ahn$64,880.70$79,729.3881.38%
5.Korea, Republic of LosirAHwang, Kang Ho$61,877.27$114,305.3154.13%
6.Korea, Republic of YoDaChoi, Byung Hyun$57,315.12$84,119.0768.14%
7.Korea, Republic of YongHwaChoi, Yong Hwa$37,537.00$40,534.1692.61%
8.Korea, Republic of ByuLHan, Ji Won$32,171.95$115,051.1327.96%
9.Korea, Republic of SquirtlePark, Hyun Woo$23,578.66$92,282.2225.55%
10.Korea, Republic of HappyAhn, Ho Jin$20,282.07$20,282.07100.00%
11.Korea, Republic of LilacJeon, Ho Jin$20,201.24$20,558.3998.26%
12.Korea, Republic of TrapCho, Sung Ho$18,755.69$406,238.444.62%
13.Korea, Republic of ParagonChoi, Hyun Il$16,453.36$16,453.36100.00%
14.Korea, Republic of AvengerPark, Jin Hyung$15,500.00$18,166.6785.32%
15.Korea, Republic of ShotkyShin, Jong Mun$15,500.00$20,166.6776.86%
16.Korea, Republic of HaiakanPark, Yong Woo$14,606.49$17,061.9285.61%
17.Peru FenixJian Carlo Alejo$11,457.26$33,327.1634.38%
18.Korea, Republic of RuinHong, Deok$9,151.58$18,070.7450.64%
19.Korea, Republic of AdoukenPark, Chang Kyu$9,000.00$9,000.00100.00%
20.Korea, Republic of Ring TrollJeong, Yoon Seong$8,761.39$8,761.39100.00%
21.Korea, Republic of RagnaroKShin, Hee Bum$7,801.86$160,048.244.87%
22.Korea, Republic of SmebSong, Kyung Ho$7,217.43$300,818.812.40%
23.Korea, Republic of LivyCha, No A$6,894.16$6,894.16100.00%
24.Korea, Republic of NookerOk, Seung Min$6,500.00$6,500.00100.00%
25.Korea, Republic of dreamerttKim, Ji Hoon$5,352.13$5,352.13100.00%
26.Korea, Republic of LashaKwon, Min Woo$5,080.81$5,080.82100.00%
27.Korea, Republic of FrozenKim, Tae Il$4,128.70$20,964.8319.69%
28.Korea, Republic of S0NSTARSon, Seung Ik$4,128.70$4,128.71100.00%
29.Korea, Republic of TuSinBak, Jong Ik$4,128.70$79,598.325.19%
30.Korea, Republic of BbuingLee, In Yong$4,083.71$4,501.8090.71%
31.Korea, Republic of kurOLee, Seo Haeng$3,945.02$267,646.881.47%
32.Korea, Republic of ReignoverKim, Eui Jin$3,855.95$66,855.955.77%
33.Korea, Republic of CornsaladLee, Sang Jung$3,480.97$6,605.9952.69%
34.Korea, Republic of Baby HyunWu, Hyeon An$3,393.45$3,393.45100.00%
35.Korea, Republic of Forget Me NotJung, Hyel Yeong$3,393.45$3,393.45100.00%
36.Korea, Republic of LOL BunnyLee, Su Min$3,393.45$3,393.45100.00%
37.Korea, Republic of ReimKim, Jong Un$3,393.45$3,393.45100.00%
38.Korea, Republic of Yeji JeongJeong, Ye Ji$3,393.45$3,393.45100.00%
39.Korea, Republic of BetKyoLee, Seung Min$2,955.44$4,643.4963.65%
40.Korea, Republic of WisdomBul, Le Tin$2,862.67$9,094.4631.48%
41.Korea, Republic of MCJang, Min Chul$2,784.48$509,852.060.55%
42.Korea, Republic of PLLPark, Jae Gwon$2,459.29$3,729.2465.95%
43.Korea, Republic of TrueKi Sung, Yoo$2,379.93$2,379.92100.00%
44.Korea, Republic of AppleJung, Chul Woo$2,333.66$3,414.8568.34%
45.Korea, Republic of Violet ADLim, Doo Sung$1,811.56$3,499.6051.76%
46.Korea, Republic of AshartKim, Sung Hoon$1,705.32$1,705.32100.00%
47.Korea, Republic of NoljaLee, Hyun Jin$1,705.32$5,380.4731.69%
48.Korea, Republic of AresKim, Min Kwon$1,544.15$16,681.689.26%
49.Korea, Republic of JunwiPark, Gyung Lak$1,486.91$31,663.664.70%
50.Korea, Republic of ReadyMoon, Jin Hyun$1,295.13$1,295.13100.00%
51.Korea, Republic of BoryLee, Seong Yun$1,269.95$1,269.95100.00%
52.Korea, Republic of SmurfLee, Tae Gyeong$1,269.95$1,269.95100.00%
53.Korea, Republic of ThySon, Seung Young$1,269.95$3,769.9533.69%
54.Korea, Republic of ExpessionGu, Bon Taek$1,266.03$48,214.702.63%
55.Korea, Republic of IgNarLee, Dong Guen$1,266.03$100,970.271.25%
56.Korea, Republic of RoarOh, Jang Won$1,266.03$4,259.8829.72%
57.Korea, Republic of horrorKim, Hyo Jong$1,216.25$51,746.242.35%
58.Korea, Republic of OndalJeong, Jae Woo$1,110.70$1,110.70100.00%
59.Korea, Republic of GGyuAngKim, Jun Hwan$1,081.18$1,081.18100.00%
60.Korea, Republic of ScarletJeong, Jae Ho$989.57$1,346.7173.48%
61.Korea, Republic of MissLee, Jae Ha$900.98$900.98100.00%
62.Korea, Republic of MurphyMoon, Ji Won$847.94$2,685.6931.57%
63.Korea, Republic of ApocalypseKim, Min Hyung$500.00$11,983.504.17%
64.United States DestinySteven Bonnell$500.00$2,494.3620.05%
65.Sweden SaSeKim Hammar$500.00$70,629.380.71%
66.United States theognisMichael McClelland$500.00$4,885.7110.23%
67.Korea, Republic of KYumerChoi, In Kyu$265.95$9,097.192.92%
68.Korea, Republic of TatuLee, Min Woo$102.38$102.38100.00%
69.Korea, Republic of LuckyLee, In Soo$100.00$26,195.550.38%
70.Korea, Republic of UngNimShim, Jae Hyeon$100.00$100.00100.00%
71.Korea, Republic of BeastKim, Joo Hyun$89.75$15,111.110.59%
72.Korea, Republic of ElinkeJung, Hyun Chul$89.75$2,666.403.37%


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