against All authority

Total Prize Money Earned:
$420,894.36 From 199 Tournaments

Tournament Results for against All authority

Battlefield$3,951.462 Tournaments0.94%
Call of Duty$2,500.002 Tournaments0.59%
Counter-Strike$46,068.3916 Tournaments10.95%
CS:GO$50,574.2919 Tournaments12.02%
Dota 2$0.000 Tournaments0.00%
Duel FPS$19,340.494 Tournaments4.60%
Hearthstone$0.000 Tournaments0.00%
Heroes of the Storm$0.000 Tournaments0.00%
League of Legends$75,359.6543 Tournaments17.90%
Overwatch$0.000 Tournaments0.00%
PUBG$60,000.001 Tournament14.26%
Rainbow Six$563.811 Tournament0.13%
Shootmania$14,000.003 Tournaments3.33%
StarCraft 2$29,079.4676 Tournaments6.91%
Trackmania$12,756.8125 Tournaments3.03%
World of WarCraft$106,700.007 Tournaments25.35%


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