Total Prize Money Earned:
$3,988,871.12 From 110 Tournaments

previously known as DWG KIA and DAMWON Gaming

Dplus Roster Summary

League of Legends$1,901,074.5747.66%
League of Legends (Dplus Academy)$9,175.340.23%
League of Legends (Dplus Challengers)$119,428.682.99%
PUBG Mobile$1,110,669.3627.84%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$3,636,699.2991.17%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of ShowMakerHeo, Su$369,675.60
2.Korea, Republic of CanyonKim, Geon Bu$362,463.96
3.Korea, Republic of BeryLCho, Geon Hee$317,790.61
4.Korea, Republic of GhostJang, Yong Jun$288,216.26
5.Korea, Republic of FORESTKim, Ryang Uh$260,605.97
6.Korea, Republic of FAVIANPark, Sang Cheol$259,507.08
7.Korea, Republic of NuguriJang, Ha Gwon$191,209.90
8.Korea, Republic of SsungLee, Sung Geun$184,197.20
9.Korea, Republic of JUNIKim, Kyung Jun$182,197.20
10.Korea, Republic of KhanKim, Dong Ha$153,023.46
11.Korea, Republic of OSALGo, Han Bin$96,295.97
12.Korea, Republic of cotedJo, Sung-Joon$95,003.60
13.Korea, Republic of WoogimanPark, Jin-wook$95,003.60
14.Korea, Republic of yassYoo, Sang-hoon$92,177.64
15.Korea, Republic of CATsangHeo, Se-woong$64,728.77
16.Korea, Republic of RINJang, Byeong-uk$62,840.18
17.Korea, Republic of SayDenJeon, Min Jae$61,899.60
18.Korea, Republic of KellinKim, Hyeong Gyu$50,181.76
19.Korea, Republic of UnderPark, Sung Chan$37,689.92
20.Korea, Republic of ONBAOh, Seung Ju$34,856.00
21.Korea, Republic of NuclearSin, Jeong Hyeon$31,167.52
22.Korea, Republic of DeokdamSeo, Dae Gil$30,931.97
23.Korea, Republic of MalrangKim, Geun Seong$28,762.33
24.Korea, Republic of SoldierLee, Si-hyeon$28,252.08
25.Korea, Republic of NolbuSong, Su An$25,110.34


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