O2 Blast

Total Prize Money Earned:
$430,388.50 From 13 Tournaments

O2 Blast (formerly known as O2 Ardeont and O2 Team) is a South Korean esports organization.

O2 Blast Roster Summary


Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of JunbinPark, Jun Bin$31,125.00
2.Korea, Republic of MAXChoi, Su Min$31,125.00
3.Korea, Republic of ProperKim, Dong Hyun$30,769.70
4.Korea, Republic of ProbeJung, Jun Young$19,527.78
5.Korea, Republic of FINNOh, Se Jin$19,156.60
6.Korea, Republic of BabelPark, Sang Jun$18,402.78
7.Korea, Republic of BlissKim, So Myung$18,402.78
8.Korea, Republic of HeeSangChae, Hee sang$18,402.78
9.Korea, Republic of ViperLee, Jung Woong$18,402.78
10.Korea, Republic of PelicanOh, Se Hyun$18,047.48
11.Korea, Republic of KAISERRyu, Sang Hoon$16,734.98
12.Korea, Republic of kiloJung, Jin Woo$14,034.72
13.Korea, Republic of CaffeineKwon, Ye jun$14,027.78
14.Korea, Republic of ProphetKim, Hyun-been$14,027.78
15.Korea, Republic of VindaimPark, Jun Woo$12,722.22
16.Korea, Republic of Cr0ngNam, Ki Cheol$12,414.45
17.Korea, Republic of ManduKim, Chan Hee$11,613.10
18.Korea, Republic of MyunbongSeo, Sang Min$11,613.10
19.Korea, Republic of ArrowPark, Min Seok$8,843.02
20.Korea, Republic of ChiYoHan, Hyeon-Seok$7,222.22
21.Korea, Republic of F4zELim, Jae Hyeok$7,222.22
22.Korea, Republic of MER1TChoi, Tae Min$7,222.22
23.Korea, Republic of KaliosShin, Woo Yeol$6,434.38
24.Korea, Republic of NekoPark, Se Hyeon$6,434.38
25.Korea, Republic of YAKPUNG-, -$6,434.38


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