Team CC

Total Prize Money Earned:
$301,107.34 From 15 Tournaments

Team CC is an e-Sports organization formed by, which is a live stream platform in China.

Team CC is the academy team of Shanghai Dragons in Overwatch Contenders.

Team CC Roster Summary

Naraka: Bladepoint$0.000.00%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of innovationOh, Seok Hyun$31,730.99
2.China SuperichWu, Gengtuo$26,930.99
3.Korea, Republic of SpectraGo, Dong Woo$25,319.57
4.China GAGAQiu, Jiaxin$25,309.02
5.China YuanFang2Jiale, Cao$24,359.64
6.China DiyaLu, Weida$20,509.02
7.Korea, Republic of SeeYAShin, Dong Hoon$14,295.36
8.China LiGeJia, Chengjie$11,013.66
9.China LamentZhan, Xiaozhuang$10,199.38
10.China SIOChen, Zhaoyu$7,669.11
11.China KHeartChai, Lei$6,765.12
12.China YakumoFeng, Zihan$6,765.12
13.China ZiJinChen, Qinhao$6,765.12
14.Korea, Republic of EzhanLee, Ji Han$6,421.98
15.Korea, Republic of HALFPark, Jong Seo$6,421.98
16.Korea, Republic of someoneHam, Jeong Wan$6,421.98
17.Korea, Republic of WOOHYALSung, Seung Hyun$6,421.98
18.China jiqirenYansong, Wei$6,117.64
19.Korea, Republic of BunnyChae, Joon Hyuk$4,800.00
20.Korea, Republic of FearlessLee, Eui Seok$4,800.00
21.China jwjJiang, Wenjie$4,800.00
22.China MIZUKIChen, Muhua$4,800.00
23.China KyoKong, Chunting$4,543.49
24.China CenturyLiu, Shiji$3,896.01
25.China LateyoungTianbin, Ma$3,896.01


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