Element Mystic

Total Prize Money Earned:
$347,274.98 From 14 Tournaments

Element Mystic is a South Korean esports organization mostly known for its Overwatch team. The team has announced a hiatus for 2021.

Element Mystic Roster Summary

League of Legends$9,023.232.60%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$142,107.0540.92%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of AlphaSin, Jae Hyeon$41,969.95
2.Korea, Republic of DohaKim, Dong Ha$37,730.46
3.Korea, Republic of UniqueYoo, Dong Hyun$37,730.46
4.Korea, Republic of hanbinChoi, Han Been$36,242.46
5.Korea, Republic of Sp9rk1eKim, Young Han$36,242.46
6.Korea, Republic of MCDLee, Jeong Ho$25,476.27
7.Korea, Republic of TakoyakiLee, Young Hyun$21,063.79
8.Korea, Republic of UndineSon, Yeong Woo$16,648.41
9.Korea, Republic of XziJung, Ki Hyo$14,606.37
10.Korea, Republic of HeeSangChae, Hee sang$7,079.77
11.Korea, Republic of KellanKim, Min Jae$5,591.77
12.Korea, Republic of ANSOONJAEAn, Soon Jae$4,566.05
13.Korea, Republic of choisehwanChoi, Se Hwan$4,566.05
14.Korea, Republic of JustShin, Hyun Sung$4,566.05
15.Korea, Republic of AttackKim, Jun Hwa$3,928.57
16.Korea, Republic of JayhunHan, Ji Hun$3,928.57
17.Korea, Republic of MN3Yoon, Jae Hee$3,928.57
18.Korea, Republic of FixMe-, -$2,927.38
19.Korea, Republic of JungJinYoungJung, Jin Young$2,500.00
20.Korea, Republic of DacoSeo, Dong Hyung$2,173.44
21.Korea, Republic of GuardLee, Hee Dong$2,173.44
22.Korea, Republic of HeesuJeong, Hee Su$2,173.44
23.Korea, Republic of JecseLee, Seung Soo$2,173.44
24.Korea, Republic of PokpoPark, Hyeon Jun$2,173.44
25.Korea, Republic of RapelKim, Jun Geun$2,173.44


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