Royal Never Give Up (RNG)

Royal Never Give Up

Total Prize Money Earned:
$8,563,429.77 From 142 Tournaments

Tournament Results for Royal Never Give Up

Arena of Valor$1,168,424.1416 Tournaments13.64%
COD Mobile$7,794.002 Tournaments0.09%
Dota 2$1,892,534.2640 Tournaments22.10%
Dota 2 (Royal)$16,555.504 Tournaments0.19%
Hearthstone$202,744.3219 Tournaments2.37%
League of Legends$4,157,245.5135 Tournaments48.55%
League of Legends (Royal Club)$31,002.001 Tournament0.36%
PUBG$92,096.4610 Tournaments1.08%
PUBG Mobile$965,125.8012 Tournaments11.27%
VALORANT$8,780.401 Tournament0.10%
Wild Rift$21,127.382 Tournaments0.25%


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