Masters 3

Total Prize Money Earned:
$24,718.00 From 2 Tournaments

Player Transfers For Masters 3

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Transfer DateIDNameFormer Team New Team
2016-05-18China LoveCDLi, Jun FengMasters 3
2016-05-18Korea, Republic of RaphaelKo, Jae HyunMasters 3
2016-05-18China XYFeng, Yu XinMasters 3
2016-05-18Korea, Republic of yoloJang, Hyeon SuMasters 3
2016-05-18China CityHe, WeiMasters 3Game Talents
2016-05-18China PentaQXu, Ming ShuMasters 3Game Talents
2016-05-18China SavokiJin, HaoMasters 3Game Talents
2016-05-17China SceneryYan, HongMasters 3OMG
2015-12-29China RuoTeng Yang, Tian XiaMasters 3
2015-12-25China SceneryYan, HongOMGMasters 3
2015-12-24China SmlzHan, JinMasters 3OMG
2015-12-21China XYFeng, Yu XinMasters 3
2015-12-21China SavokiJin, HaoLeague of Legends (ME / WE.Future)Masters 3
2015-12-19Korea, Republic of RaphaelKo, Jae HyunHyper Youth GamingMasters 3
2015-12-19Korea, Republic of yoloJang, Hyeon SuHyper Youth GamingMasters 3
2015-12-16China CondiXiang, Ren JieMasters 3World Elite
2015-12-15China DreamSHe, Zhi HongMasters 3
2015-12-10Korea, Republic of LooperJang, Hyeong SeokMasters 3
2015-12-02Korea, Republic of dadeBae, Eo JinMasters 3
2015-11-24China CityHe, WeiMasters 3
2015-11-24China PentaQXu, Ming ShuLeague of Legends (ME / WE.Future)Masters 3
2015-05-20China CandyTang, XinMasters 3Newbee
2015-02China CondiXiang, Ren JieMasters 3
2014-12-25China CandyTang, XinMasters 3
2014-12-25China LoveCDLi, Jun FengMasters 3
2014-12-25Korea, Republic of dadeBae, Eo JinLeague of Legends (WE Academy)Masters 3
2014-12-25China DreamSHe, Zhi HongLeague of Legends (WE Academy)Masters 3
2014-12-25Korea, Republic of LooperJang, Hyeong SeokLeague of Legends (WE Academy)Masters 3
2014-12-25China RuoTeng Yang, Tian XiaLeague of Legends (WE Academy)Masters 3
2014-12-25China SmlzHan, JinLeague of Legends (WE Academy)Masters 3

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