J Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$804,728.01 From 46 Tournaments

J Team Roster Summary

Arena of Valor$343,068.0242.63%
League of Legends$199,903.1024.84%
League of Legends (J Team 2)$133,496.0016.59%
PUBG MOBILE$0.000.00%
StarCraft 2$47,608.715.92%
Wild Rift$58,968.007.33%

Country Summary

1.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$243,824.7530.30%
2.Hong Kong Hong Kong$1,635.000.20%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Taiwan, Republic of China StarLin, Nsu Yu$68,613.60
2.Taiwan, Republic of China YuzonChung, Chou$68,613.60
3.Taiwan, Republic of China BennyChen, Chien Ting$67,261.60
4.Taiwan, Republic of China NeilChang, Chun Sheng$67,261.60
5.Taiwan, Republic of China WindsChen, Ting Jui$67,261.60
6.Taiwan, Republic of China HasKe, Yu Feng$47,608.71
7.Taiwan, Republic of China RestHsu, Shih Chieh$31,473.06
8.Taiwan, Republic of China FoFoChu, Chun Lan$31,430.33
9.Taiwan, Republic of China HanaChen, Chih Hao$29,212.89
10.Taiwan, Republic of China LilvChen, Chin Han$29,212.89
11.Taiwan, Republic of China KoalaLin, Chih Chiang$20,679.17
12.China Berry-, -$11,793.60
13.China Dawn128-, -$11,793.60
14.China dy-, -$11,793.60
15.China MaleficLuo, Zhixin$11,793.60
16.China PanPan, Shaohuang$11,793.60
17.Taiwan, Republic of China BaoLin, Hung Yu$8,725.20
18.Taiwan, Republic of China bebeCheng, Bo Wei$7,992.44
19.Taiwan, Republic of China JayLi, Chieh$7,992.44
20.Taiwan, Republic of China MorningChen, Kuan Ting$7,992.44
21.Taiwan, Republic of China BreakerShih, Yueh Ting$6,822.23
22.Taiwan, Republic of China REFRA1NChen, Kuan Ting$5,264.13
23.China 26DoD-, -$5,223.05
24.China LingQiangHuang, Minhui$5,223.05
25.China KENYOFFShi, Shao Jian$4,499.10


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