Smash Studios

Total Prize Money Earned:
$35,873.08 From 225 Tournaments

Smash Studios Roster Summary

Super Smash Bros$35,873.08100.00%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$32,444.3390.44%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States ColbolColin Green$23,858.88
2.United States Mr. EEric Weber$4,529.30
3.United States MrConConConor Ghobrial$1,681.45
4.United States s0ftJoshua Davis$1,217.50
5.United States dizzkidboogieKyle Athayde$614.00
6.United States Flaming Roy- -$357.25
7.United States FlowOnish Jain$337.00
8.United States SloxAnthony Detres$333.25
9.United States DKWillWilliam Walsh$317.98
10.United States NicaboyDale Campbell$317.50
11.United States La LunaRyan Coker-Welch$301.00
12.United States Mekos- -$300.00
13.United States AbateStephen Abate$234.00
14.United States GahtzuJason Diehl$189.00
15.United States CrushJack Hoyt$117.50
16.United States SleepyKJohn Lee$109.50
17.United States WaDiChris Boston$99.90
18.United States HarriettheguyJosh -$91.50
19.United States TyrantEric Legesse$84.05
20.United States Dark WizzyRasheen Rose$82.55
21.United States ADHDWyatt Beekman$82.00
22.United States Max KetchumMaximillian Krchmar$81.00
23.United States FalseCorey Shin$69.00
24.United States TweekGavin Dempsey$69.00
25.United States XzaxMatt Liberatore$58.75


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