British National Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$237,998.53 From 19 Tournaments

Tournament Results for British National Team

Arena of Valor$2,500.001 Tournament1.05%
Beat Saber$0.000 Tournaments0.00%
CS: Source$6,340.601 Tournament2.66%
FIFA$3,000.001 Tournament1.26%
FIFA (English Team)$10,000.001 Tournament4.20%
FIFA (Scottish Team)$2,500.001 Tournament1.05%
Hearthstone$28,657.935 Tournaments12.04%
Heroes of the Storm$1,500.001 Tournament0.63%
Overwatch$56,500.005 Tournaments23.74%
PUBG$110,000.002 Tournaments46.22%
Rocket League$12,000.001 Tournament5.04%
Warcraft 3$5,000.001 Tournament2.10%


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