Chinese National Team

Total Prize Money Earned:
$715,193.28 From 57 Tournaments

Tournament Results for Chinese National Team

Arena of Valor$67,500.004 Tournaments9.44%
Chess$48,000.001 Tournament6.71%
Dota 2$0.001 Tournament0.00%
Dream Three Kingdoms 2$0.001 Tournament0.00%
FIFA$156,800.003 Tournaments21.92%
Hearthstone$138,138.255 Tournaments19.31%
League of Legends$43,843.885 Tournaments6.13%
osu!$10,270.0013 Tournaments1.44%
Overwatch$127,000.007 Tournaments17.76%
PUBG$81,859.785 Tournaments11.45%
PUBG Mobile$0.001 Tournament0.00%
StarCraft 2$1,958.502 Tournaments0.27%
StarCraft: Brood War$6,000.001 Tournament0.84%
WarCraft 3$33,822.878 Tournaments4.73%


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