Total Prize Money Earned:
$498,246.09 From 25 Tournaments

Top Players For RunAway

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Korea, Republic of MagKim, Tae Sung$37,363.61$44,575.4083.82%
2.Korea, Republic of GangnamjinGang, Nam Jin$29,882.36$48,215.7061.98%
3.Korea, Republic of HeesuJeong, Hee Su$29,882.36$82,179.1936.36%
4.Korea, Republic of LeeJaeGonLee, Jae Gon$29,882.36$295,981.4510.10%
5.Korea, Republic of QoQYu, Sung Jun$29,882.36$40,926.5873.01%
6.Korea, Republic of BUMPERPark, Sang Beom$29,793.00$128,681.8923.15%
7.Korea, Republic of StitchLee, Choong Hui$29,793.00$165,110.4718.04%
8.Korea, Republic of HaksalKim, Hyo Jong$28,427.69$154,199.7018.44%
9.Korea, Republic of JJANUChoi, Hyeon Woo$21,604.81$156,922.2713.77%
10.Korea, Republic of AssassinKim, Sung Won$20,705.86$31,568.9765.59%
11.Korea, Republic of KoXKim, Min Soo$20,557.84$20,557.84100.00%
12.Korea, Republic of KAISERRyu, Sang Hoon$17,224.13$39,833.6043.24%
13.Korea, Republic of IMPLee, Dong Jae$17,071.41$21,100.3480.91%
14.Korea, Republic of F4zELim, Jae Hyeok$13,249.33$27,760.0747.73%
15.Korea, Republic of YakiKim, Jun Gi$12,810.95$40,506.5531.63%
16.Korea, Republic of TiZiHwang, Jang Hyeon$12,369.64$88,443.7613.99%
17.Korea, Republic of ChiYoHan, Hyeon-Seok$12,319.33$160,358.307.68%
18.Korea, Republic of MER1TChoi, Tae Min$12,319.33$86,850.0114.18%
19.Korea, Republic of RevengeAn, Hyeong Geun$10,361.00$56,563.8618.32%
20.Korea, Republic of SLIMEKim, Sung Jun$9,235.16$186,814.124.94%
21.Korea, Republic of TwilightLee, Joo Seok$9,235.16$311,272.552.97%
22.Korea, Republic of WOOHYALSung, Seung Hyun$7,365.46$62,429.3611.80%
23.Korea, Republic of HooregLee, Dong Eun$6,917.16$157,907.634.38%
24.Korea, Republic of SeoMinSooSeo, Min Soo$6,917.16$107,535.846.43%
25.Korea, Republic of D3CAL-, -$6,600.00$13,924.6647.40%
26.Korea, Republic of RunnerYoon, Dae Hoon$6,104.13$6,104.14100.00%
27.Korea, Republic of ShineKim, Min Hyuk$5,274.49$6,868.1276.80%
28.Korea, Republic of CoMaSon, Kyeong Woo$4,817.80$34,927.2813.79%
29.Korea, Republic of Fl0w3RHwang, Yeon Oh$2,995.54$84,945.603.53%
30.Korea, Republic of AlphaSin, Jae Hyeon$2,318.00$47,535.804.88%
31.Korea, Republic of AMYAhn, Min Yeong$2,318.00$7,741.6729.94%
32.Korea, Republic of AdoCheon, Ki Hyeon$1,958.33$16,238.6412.06%
33.Korea, Republic of D0NGHAKKim, Min Sung$1,958.33$4,958.3339.50%
34.Korea, Republic of SimpleKim, Ji Sung$1,958.33$9,867.3919.85%
35.Korea, Republic of 5KidPark, Jeong Hyeon$720.00$9,319.477.73%
36.Korea, Republic of EdgeLee, Ho Seong$720.00$26,388.812.73%
37.Korea, Republic of KronGShin, Beom Seok$720.00$1,874.2638.42%
38.Korea, Republic of LastJeong, Yeong Seok$720.00$720.00100.00%
39.Korea, Republic of MaskLee, Sang Hoon$720.00$4,288.0016.79%
40.Korea, Republic of MooJinKim, Moo Jin$720.00$74,292.270.97%
41.Korea, Republic of PluToLee, Ui Hyeon$720.00$1,273.3356.54%
42.Korea, Republic of MonoKim, Hyung Sun$456.69$1,770.8625.79%
43.Korea, Republic of QuadSeok, Joo Hyung$456.69$456.69100.00%
44.Korea, Republic of KaliosShin, Woo Yeol$409.65$37,745.611.09%
45.Korea, Republic of MIRAGEBae, Jung Min$409.65$494.6682.81%


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