Boston Uprising

Boston Uprising

Total Prize Money Earned:
$318,873.00 From 13 Tournaments

The Boston Uprising are an Overwatch League franchise team representing Boston, Massachusetts. They are one of the league's twelve inaugural Overwatch teams. The team is owned by Robert Kraft, Chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group, and owners of the New England Patriots in the National Football League.

Boston Uprising Roster Summary

Overwatch (Uprising Academy)$68,873.0021.60%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$118,750.0037.24%
2.Canada Canada$25,625.008.04%
3.United States United States$25,625.008.04%
4.Denmark Denmark$25,625.008.04%
5.Ethiopia Ethiopia$22,500.007.06%
6.Russian Federation Russian Federation$22,500.007.06%
7.Brazil Brazil$3,125.000.98%
8.United Kingdom United Kingdom$3,125.000.98%
9.New Zealand New Zealand$3,125.000.98%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of AimGodKwon, Min Seok$25,625.00
2.Denmark KellexKristian Keller$25,625.00
3.Canada NotELucas Meissner$25,625.00
4.United States AvastConnor Prince$22,500.00
5.Korea, Republic of GamsuNoh, Yeong In$22,500.00
6.Korea, Republic of KaliosShin, Woo Yeol$22,500.00
7.Russian Federation MistakesStanislav Danilov$22,500.00
8.Korea, Republic of NekoPark, Se Hyeon$22,500.00
9.Ethiopia SnowMikias Yohannes$22,500.00
10.Korea, Republic of StrikerKwon, Nam Joo$22,500.00
11.Argentina KlausNicolas Ferrari$5,791.33
12.Australia PunkLeyton Gilchrist$5,791.33
13.United States SwimmerGabriel Levy$5,791.33
14.United Kingdom FusionsCameron Bosworth$4,983.00
15.United States DinoHunter Traupe$3,791.33
16.Brazil alemaoRenan Moretto$3,125.00
17.Korea, Republic of AxxiomPark, Min Seob$3,125.00
18.United States blaséJeffrey Tsang$3,125.00
19.New Zealand ColourhexKelsey Birse$3,125.00
20.Korea, Republic of FinaleLim, Jung Woo$2,740.29
21.Korea, Republic of FiXaKwon, Yeong Hun$2,740.29
22.Korea, Republic of SimpleKim, Ji Sung$2,740.29
23.Korea, Republic of StellarLee, Do Hyung$2,740.29
24.Korea, Republic of VictoriaOh, Gi Hun$2,740.29
25.Korea, Republic of ITSALKim, Chang Hee$2,025.43


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