Total Prize Money Earned:
$55,812.77 From 13 Tournaments

formerly "Ever8 Winners"

Winners Roster Summary

League of Legends$48,383.5786.69%
WarCraft 3$7,429.2013.31%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$52,120.1193.38%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of CeptedPark, Wi Rim$5,797.33
2.Korea, Republic of SoKJeong, Ho Wuk$5,162.10
3.Korea, Republic of DeulKim, Deul$4,757.33
4.Korea, Republic of MalrangKim, Geun Seong$4,757.33
5.Korea, Republic of EllaKwok, Hoon-kwak$3,831.33
6.Korea, Republic of HelperKwon, Yeong Jae$3,831.33
7.Korea, Republic of KkyulJeong, Myeong Su$2,566.29
8.Korea, Republic of Old BYang, Seung Bin$2,566.29
9.Korea, Republic of JisuPark, Jin Cheol$2,440.32
10.Korea, Republic of KiinKim, Gi In$2,191.04
11.Korea, Republic of ChaemikoMoon, Chae Young$1,644.10
12.Korea, Republic of BokguJeong, Jae Uh$1,400.32
13.Korea, Republic of MurphyMoon, Ji Won$1,400.32
14.Korea, Republic of NightNa, Geon Uh$1,400.32
15.Korea, Republic of OddLee, Geun Ho$1,400.32
16.Korea, Republic of HachaniHa, Seung Chan$1,265.04
17.Korea, Republic of CheongHeo, Cheong$1,040.00
18.Korea, Republic of JellySon, Ho Gyeong$1,040.00
19.Korea, Republic of ProudLee, Jeong Jae$1,040.00
20.Korea, Republic of SavageJang, Seung Gyu$1,040.00
21.Korea, Republic of TeddyPark, Jin Seong$1,040.00
22.Korea, Republic of AegisKim, Geun Mo$926.00
23.Korea, Republic of FoVCho, Dae Hui$445.00
24.Korea, Republic of bullybullyJeong, San$331.58
25.Korea, Republic of CrocoKim, Dong Beom$331.58


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