Toronto Defiant

Toronto Defiant

Total Prize Money Earned:
$159,400.00 From 7 Tournaments

The Toronto Defiant are an Overwatch League franchise team representing Toronto, Ontario. They are one of the league's eight expansion teams of the 2019 Overwatch season and is one of two professional Overwatch teams based in Canada along with the Vancouver Titans. The team is owned by OverActive Media, and operated by their esports team Splyce.

Toronto Defiant Roster Summary

Overwatch (Montreal Rebellion)$29,400.0018.44%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$103,636.3765.02%
2.United States United States$8,961.035.62%
3.Canada Canada$5,454.543.42%
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$3,636.362.28%
5.Belgium Belgium$1,818.181.14%
6.France France$1,818.181.14%
7.Sweden Sweden$1,818.181.14%
8.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$1,428.570.90%
9.Dominican Republic Dominican Republic$1,428.570.90%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of CH0R0NGSung, Yu Min$11,547.62
2.Korea, Republic of FinaleLim, Jung Woo$11,547.62
3.Korea, Republic of HeesuJeong, Hee Su$11,547.62
4.Korea, Republic of HOTBAChoi, Hong Joon$11,547.62
5.Korea, Republic of MuZeKim, Young Hun$11,547.62
6.Korea, Republic of TwilightLee, Joo Seok$11,547.62
7.Korea, Republic of ALTHOUGHJung, Hyun Wook$5,714.29
8.Korea, Republic of RoKiPark, Joo Seong$4,943.18
9.Belgium LogixAndreas Berghmans$4,784.85
10.United States GoliathAnthony Pietro$4,416.67
11.United States TensaJoshua Small$4,416.67
12.Korea, Republic of AidGo, Jae Yoon$3,125.00
13.Korea, Republic of AsherChoi, Joon Seong$3,125.00
14.Korea, Republic of EnvyLee, Kang Jae$3,125.00
15.Korea, Republic of IvyLee, Seung Hyun$3,125.00
16.Korea, Republic of NekoPark, Se Hyeon$3,125.00
17.Korea, Republic of StellarLee, Do Hyung$3,125.00
18.Korea, Republic of YAKPUNG-, -$3,125.00
19.United States GodsDaniel Graeser$2,966.67
20.Denmark NagaNikolai Dereli$2,966.67
21.Latvia sharykNormund Faterins$2,966.67
22.United States UltraVioletBenjamin David$2,878.57
23.Canada AgilitiesBrady Girardi$1,818.18
24.United States BeasthaloAdam Denton$1,818.18
25.Korea, Republic of KariVSeo, Park$1,818.18


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