Team Reciprocity

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,511,955.86 From 105 Tournaments

Team Reciprocity Roster Summary

Apex Legends$31,590.002.09%
Call of Duty$309,375.0020.46%
Fighting Games$89,473.685.92%
Gears of War$258,900.0017.12%
Rainbow Six$343,000.0022.69%
Rocket League$84,928.615.62%
StarCraft 2$166,770.5511.03%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$809,553.6853.54%
2.United Kingdom United Kingdom$206,704.5013.67%
3.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$166,286.0511.00%
4.Canada Canada$68,600.004.54%
5.France France$62,440.244.13%
6.Australia Australia$47,695.833.15%
7.Denmark Denmark$28,309.531.87%
8.Sweden Sweden$3,454.510.23%
9.Gibraltar Gibraltar$3,454.510.23%
10.Germany Germany$1,166.670.08%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of INnoVationLee, Shin Hyung$166,770.55
2.United States PunkVictor Woodley$89,473.68
3.Canada FoxADavide Bucci$68,600.00
4.United States LAXingGabriel Mirelez$68,600.00
5.United States RetroAlexander Lloyd$65,400.00
6.United States Snip3downEric Wrona$63,463.33
7.United Kingdom WuskinBradley Marshall$59,445.83
8.United Kingdom DylanDylan Henderson$59,145.83
9.United Kingdom ZedZach Denyer$59,095.83
10.United States FraNChiSJose Mavo$48,980.00
11.United States Red IcyNicholas Cope$48,980.00
12.United States RushieZChristian Rivera$48,980.00
13.Australia DenzDenholm Taylor$47,695.83
14.United Kingdom AlexxAlex Carpenter$47,395.83
15.United States MarkTheSharkMark Arismendez$42,400.00
16.United States SkysAlexander Magor$42,400.00
17.United States PistolaJustin Deese$37,350.00
18.United States KennyJustin Kenny$37,340.00
19.United States PowerzVictor Mateo$36,540.00
20.France Chausette45Thibault Grzesiak$28,309.53
21.France FerraVictor Francal$28,309.53
22.Denmark fruityEmil Moselund$28,309.53
23.United States VertcLFranklyn Cordero$26,200.00
24.United States TrippyJoe Taylor$24,750.00
25.United Kingdom SeanySean O'Connor$24,345.83


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