Nongshim RedForce

Total Prize Money Earned:
$326,386.10 From 24 Tournaments

Nongshim RedForce Roster Summary

League of Legends$40,815.7312.51%
League of Legends (NS RedForce Challengers)$89,691.6727.48%
Leauge of Legends (Academy)$9,890.003.03%
PUBG Mobile$171,125.7052.43%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$179,745.2155.07%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of SPORTAKim, Seong hyun$40,944.22
2.Korea, Republic of XZYKim, Jun ha$40,944.22
3.Korea, Republic of TIZ1Kim, Dong hyun$37,504.82
4.Korea, Republic of WingSJeong, Ho Seong$34,356.00
5.Korea, Republic of DnDnPark, Geun Woo$13,737.89
6.Korea, Republic of VitalHa, In Seong$12,085.50
7.Korea, Republic of SylvieLee, Seung Bok$8,940.28
8.Korea, Republic of JiwooJung, Ji Woo$8,071.78
9.Korea, Republic of DeokdamSeo, Dae Gil$7,998.57
10.Korea, Republic of KellinKim, Hyeong Gyu$7,998.57
11.Korea, Republic of PeanutHan, Wang Ho$7,998.57
12.Korea, Republic of RichLee, Jae Won$7,998.57
13.Korea, Republic of FIESTAAn, Hyeon Seo$7,214.28
14.Korea, Republic of PeterJeong, Yoon Su$6,668.28
15.Korea, Republic of BlessingLee, Jang-won$6,468.28
16.Korea, Republic of HHLee, Hyun Ho$5,514.60
17.Korea, Republic of BayPark, Jun Byeong$5,410.22
18.Korea, Republic of SoundaKong, In Hyeok$5,364.60
19.Korea, Republic of QxLee, Kyung seok$4,979.38
20.Korea, Republic of CalixSyun, Hyun Bin$4,675.60
21.Korea, Republic of MihileBaek, Sang Hwi$4,675.60
22.Korea, Republic of GoriKim, Tae Woo$4,314.35
23.Korea, Republic of IGLAn, Tae-hee$4,200.00
24.Korea, Republic of SayDenJeon, Min Jae$4,200.00
25.Korea, Republic of GoliathKim, Hyo Min$3,725.28


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