Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series - Clubs Standings

Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series - Clubs Standings

Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

Clubs will be awarded points for each weekly trial and high skill event based on their members’ performances. In addition to awarding players with prizes for each event, Clubs will be awarded with $4,000,000 in prizes at the conclusion of the Fall Skirmish series based on total points earned.

100 players in each club

1st: 1,500,000$

2nd: 1,000,000$

3rd: 750,000$

4th: 500 000$

5th: 250 000$

Tournament Results



Prize Money By Country

1.United States United States$1,695,000.00210 Players
2.France France$382,500.0047 Players
3.Sweden Sweden$275,000.0026 Players
4.Germany Germany$225,000.0029 Players
5.Canada Canada$205,000.0028 Players
6.Turkey Turkey$157,500.0019 Players
7.Poland Poland$145,000.0020 Players
8.United Kingdom United Kingdom$130,000.0015 Players
9.Spain Spain$117,500.0018 Players
10.Denmark Denmark$100,000.008 Players
11.Russian Federation Russian Federation$80,000.0011 Players
12.Netherlands Netherlands$70,000.0012 Players
13.Switzerland Switzerland$45,000.005 Players
14.Norway Norway$37,500.005 Players
15.Greece Greece$35,000.004 Players
16.Belgium Belgium$30,000.002 Players
17.Czech Republic Czech Republic$30,000.004 Players
18.Austria Austria$20,000.003 Players
19.Hungary Hungary$20,000.003 Players
20.Italy Italy$17,500.003 Players
21.Australia Australia$15,000.003 Players
22.Brazil Brazil$15,000.003 Players
23.Finland Finland$15,000.002 Players
24.Israel Israel$15,000.001 Player
25.Panama Panama$15,000.001 Player
26.Palestine, State of Palestine, State of$15,000.001 Player
27.Portugal Portugal$15,000.001 Player
28.Dominican Republic Dominican Republic$10,000.001 Player
29.Hong Kong Hong Kong$10,000.001 Player
30.Ukraine Ukraine$10,000.002 Players
31.Latvia Latvia$7,500.001 Player
32.Belarus Belarus$5,000.001 Player
33.Lithuania Lithuania$5,000.001 Player
34.Puerto Rico Puerto Rico$5,000.001 Player
35.Romania Romania$5,000.002 Players
36.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$5,000.001 Player
37.Slovenia Slovenia$5,000.001 Player
38.Bahrain Bahrain$2,500.001 Player
39.Indonesia Indonesia$2,500.001 Player
40.Ireland Ireland$2,500.001 Player
41.Morocco Morocco$2,500.001 Player


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