Overwatch World Cup 2019 - Preliminaries

Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

Tournament Results

Prize Money By Country

1.Austria Austria$5,000.007 Players
2.Australia Australia$5,000.007 Players
3.Germany Germany$5,000.007 Players
4.Spain Spain$5,000.007 Players
5.Finland Finland$5,000.007 Players
6.Hong Kong Hong Kong$5,000.007 Players
7.Ireland Ireland$5,000.007 Players
8.India India$5,000.007 Players
9.Iceland Iceland$5,000.007 Players
10.Italy Italy$5,000.007 Players
11.Latvia Latvia$5,000.007 Players
12.Mexico Mexico$5,000.007 Players
13.Norway Norway$5,000.007 Players
14.New Zealand New Zealand$5,000.007 Players
15.Paraguay Paraguay$5,000.007 Players
16.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$5,000.007 Players
17.Singapore Singapore$5,000.007 Players
18.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$5,000.007 Players
19.Colombia Colombia$5,000.006 Players
20.Philippines Philippines$5,000.006 Players
21.South Africa South Africa$5,000.006 Players
22.Japan Japan$4,285.716 Players
23.Portugal Portugal$4,285.716 Players
24.Brazil Brazil$714.291 Player
25.United States United States$714.291 Player


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