The International 2014: Dota 2 Championships

The International 2014: Dota 2 Championships

Seattle, Washington, USA
2014-07-08 to
Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

The International Dota 2 Championship is the world's largest Dota 2 tournament, based on prize pool. This event is the fourth tournament to bear the name 'The International.' It is commonly referred to as "The International 4" or "TI4".

Valve announced The International 2014 on March 31, 2014, which would take place from July 18 to July 21 at the KeyArena in Seattle, which is a venue with a significantly larger capacity than Benaroya Hall from the previous two years. The tickets for the event were sold out within an hour of going on sale on.

Eleven teams would receive direct invites based on their performance throughout the year. Four teams were determined by regional qualifiers, and one team was determined by a wild card qualifier between the runner-ups from the regional qualifiers.

The interactive compendium returns once again, with a quarter of its revenue going towards the tournament's overall prize pool. When certain prize pool milestones were met, rewards were unlocked, including a new Dota 2 game mode and visuals. Eleven days after the compendium went on sale, the prize pool had been increased from Valve's original $1.6 million to over $6 million, with all the rewards having been unlocked. By June, the total prize pool reached over $10 million, the biggest prize pool in e-sports history.

Tournament Results


Prize Money By Country

1.China China$7,935,981.2021 Players
2.United States United States$650,400.806 Players
3.Canada Canada$489,713.405 Players
4.Sweden Sweden$389,147.409 Players
5.Ukraine Ukraine$324,653.406 Players
6.Malaysia Malaysia$317,002.007 Players
7.Singapore Singapore$163,966.601 Player
8.Germany Germany$133,359.405 Players
9.Macao Macao$131,173.201 Player
10.Netherlands Netherlands$131,173.201 Player
11.Romania Romania$131,173.201 Player
12.Estonia Estonia$103,845.401 Player
13.Denmark Denmark$12,024.202 Players
14.Russian Federation Russian Federation$8,744.802 Players
15.Finland Finland$4,372.401 Player
16.Israel Israel$4,372.401 Player


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