PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Copenhagen, Denmark
2024-03-17 to
Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

Tournament Results

Prize Money By Country

1.Ukraine Ukraine$209,000.003 Players
2.Russian Federation Russian Federation$116,000.0018 Players
3.Finland Finland$109,000.002 Players
4.Romania Romania$102,000.002 Players
5.Lithuania Lithuania$100,000.001 Player
6.Denmark Denmark$86,000.0012 Players
7.Brazil Brazil$70,000.0020 Players
8.Israel Israel$45,000.004 Players
9.Turkey Turkey$45,000.005 Players
10.Norway Norway$42,000.004 Players
11.Slovakia Slovakia$36,000.002 Players
12.Estonia Estonia$34,000.001 Player
13.Latvia Latvia$34,000.001 Player
14.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$32,000.002 Players
15.France France$32,000.002 Players
16.Mongolia Mongolia$20,000.005 Players
17.Poland Poland$19,000.006 Players
18.United Kingdom United Kingdom$18,000.002 Players
19.Serbia Serbia$16,000.001 Player
20.Portugal Portugal$14,000.007 Players
21.Sweden Sweden$13,000.003 Players
22.United States United States$12,000.003 Players
23.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$11,000.002 Players
24.China China$10,000.005 Players
25.Hungary Hungary$9,000.001 Player
26.North Macedonia North Macedonia$6,000.002 Players
27.Spain Spain$4,000.002 Players
28.South Africa South Africa$4,000.001 Player
29.Belgium Belgium$2,000.001 Player


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